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shenon75 [userpic]
New video
by shenon75 (shenon75)
at December 29th, 2006 (08:12 pm)

current mood: rushed

Hey all!
I'm new here. I made a new SG1 video, so I thought I post it here.

Title: Bolero (Closing credits)
Artist: Simon Standage (Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
Lenght: 3 min 26 sec
Size: 19,4 mb
Category: Cameron Mitchell (drama,action,humour)
Summary: Mitchell's sad and funny moments in his life, with action of course.
Episodes: season 9

Download here

There are a few clips which have bad quality, I know, but I had to use a given amount of clips with given quality, unfortunetly some of them has bad quality. Apart from those few clips, mostly the vid has good quality.