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Hi and welcome to the Stargate Music Video Requests community! This community is basically for people to recommend any SG1/SGA videos that they think others need to see, for people to ask for said recommendations and finally for people who maybe have a song in mind that they think would make a great SG1 and/or SGA music video but aren't comfortable or aren't able to make the video themselves. Also, if you're looking for a specific vid, try asking...someone might have it/know where to find it. Please, if you post a request for a vid, please be sure to include the following:

Song Title:
Show preference: SG1 and/or SG-Atlantis
Characters to include:
Ship pairing: (if applicable)
If any particular format is desired: (optional)

Also, if your request is for an obscure song, if you could provide a link to an uploaded version of a song, that would be great. And vidders, please post the requested vids here as well! :) Please, if you post a fulfilled request/recommendation/search for a vid, please be sure to include the following:

Category: (Action/Humor/Drama/Team/Crossover)

Thanks for joining and have fun!

Just a couple of rules first of all:

1. Play nice. No flaming, no insults, no bad mouthing a request or a vid. Failure to respect your other comm members will result in your removal from the comm.

2. Right click and save vid links. Most vids, unless purposefully sized smaller, are rather large so be considerate of other people's bandwidth.

3. Have fun people. That's why I created this community.

4. Never be shy/afraid to request/recommend a vid or to ask for a recommendation. If you wanna see it made a vid and don't/can't/aren't ready to do the vid yourself, then ask. :) Plus, when asking for/making recommedations, remember odds are someone else is looking for the same vid/similar vid.

Now, go play...

Disclaimer: Of course SG1 and Atlantis and all associated characters aren't mine. Don't I wish they were!! Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!